TikTok is the trending application of 2020. With its meteoric rise, it has already won over young people under 24. World famous TikTok seems to have a bright future with 800 million active users worldwide. Launched in September 2016, it’s an explosion in popularity.

In France, TikTok experienced an increase in popularity last March at the time of confinement, and today most users are addicts.

What are we doing on TikTok?

In short, it offers entertainment above all else . It is a space for creation and expression very much appreciated by young people. We only post short videos specifically adapted for mobile. In their videos, users stage themselves: dances , challenges, playbacks , effects and video editing, the possibilities are very numerous!

You should know one thing: hashtags on TikTok are masters! They animate the community which participates in the challenges launched by the application itself each week. We are therefore completely in the spirit of viral content . Another network that positions itself on the viral aspect of a post is Twitter.

Who are TikTok users?

We talked about it a little higher, it is young people who use TikTok the most.

According to the latest estimates, TikTok has 11 million active (monthly) French users . A huge leap forward since the last known figure was 4.4 million users in 2019.

Which generation touches TikTok in France? First of all, it must be said that the application particularly affects young women aged 13 to 24 . They alone represent 51.34% of the audience. The 13-17 age group represents the largest share of users with 27.31%. Boys take advantage of the 25-34 age group by being almost twice as present as girls of the same age.

Good and the time of use? On average, users would spend 52 minutes per day on TikTok and open the app 9 times per day. Just that ! This figure reflects quite well the addictive aspect that this social network can have.

Do influencers belong on TikTok?

Yes ! And they have already found it. We don’t teach you anything, influencers are omnipresent on social networks. Whether their community is small, medium or large, they are part of the landscape.

And influencer marketing is no longer a concept but a reality.

France is in 9th place among the countries with the most influencers on TikTok . Ahead of her are countries like the United States, India and Turkey. Of the 3.1 million influencer accounts , there are 38,000 French accounts (with more than 1,000 subscribers). About 50% of influencer accounts have between 1,000 and 5,000 followers . The bar of 5,000 subscribers is exceeded by 32.43% of users without exceeding 20,000 subscribers. Then the gap widens, between 20,000 and 100,000 followers there are 14.83% of accounts and they are less than 5% to exceed the100,000 subscribers .

According to Hype Auditor 4.04% of influencers would have the opportunity to collaborate with brands and be paid to promote.

With regard to the rate of engagement , it is higher in France than in the other countries. The average rate of TikTok is 15.86% while in France it is 19.32% . The French public would therefore be more apt to engage in its relationship with the influencers whose adventures it follows.

What interests for a company?

Well, this is the question that all communicators would like to be able to answer. But it is not that simple.

What is certain is that on TikTok we are leaving the beaten track. Tik Tok demands originality . This doesn’t necessarily mean being fun or funny. Even if the social network imposes a less “strict” side where you need more naturalness and spontaneity , this does not force you to change your brand identity at all. For example, there are big names like Dior . This prestigious brand finds its place there by publishing new products, tutorials, promotional videos… The brand remains what it is. Others will see it as a playground to amuse the gallery as can do Mc Donald’s and Burger King .

It is obvious that Tik Tok is a very engaging social network , and it allows users to establish a close connection with the brands and companies they follow. You should know that the application is still not very much used by professionals , it’s a chance. At the moment, companies are unsure how TikTok could benefit them and how they could use it. Apart from the rule to adopt a lighter tone, few people dare to venture there. It is true that for the moment the BtoB does not really belong there. But, if you are targeting young people, it is a social network to master. Their attention is hard to capture and TikTok gives you their listenership on a silver platter.

Nevertheless, for the moment the conversion rate is quite limited , that is to say that users who are young people come mainly to the app for entertainment, which is why the live business of the app n not so successful.

On the other hand, for the brand image , notoriety and promotion , it is a very interesting channel. It is not for nothing that we find big brands like

those mentioned at the beginning of the article.

For VSEs and SMEs, making your place on TikTok still requires a lot of energy. Do not forget that it is important to find your targeton a social network. Signing up on TikTok because others are doing it without a strategy first would be a waste of time.

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