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You want to create a website and you have, on this occasion, heard of SEO. Natural referencing, or SEO, is essential to attract traffic to the website. However, we hear a lot of misconceptions about it. What is true? What is wrong? Let’s discover together 7 things that everyone should know about SEO.

The SEO of a site, the matter of a fair balance of optimization.

It is important to put SEO in context. The natural referencing of a site corresponds to its positioning capacity on the SERPs. The SERPs, generated by search engines, aim to offer optimized results to the Internet user. The role of the engines will then be to analyze and recognize the best web pages on a given subject.

Thus, the SEO of a site is the business of a fair balance between under and over-optimization. It goes without saying that an under-optimized site will produce few results. But an over-optimized site will not be advantageous for natural referencing either. All over-optimizations based on Black Hat techniques will be detected, for example:

Over-optimizations for search engines are also detected and discarded. SEO experts are increasingly being encouraged to turn to user experience instead. This outcome is logical: to ensure that the creators of web pages serve the purpose of search engines. Thus, there is no point in optimizing its pages excessively, with the sole objective of pleasing Google. You will be more successful by focusing on the user and their experience on your pages.

 Natural referencing takes time!

Natural referencing takes time to set up. Indeed, most companies believe that SEO can be done quickly, in a week or two. Nay!

The natural referencing of a website depends above all on the optimization of the latter for SEO. Furthermore, it can already be assumed that:

  • A site perfectly optimized for SEO will take about 2 months,
  • A site to be partially modified will require around 4 to 6 months for its SEO,
  • A site requiring a complete overhaul or creation will take 6 months to 1 year.

As you will have understood, a website does not appear on Google in a few days. This is a long-term job! SEA may have faster results, but good SEO will always require patience.

Also, the natural referencing of a site is not acquired. This one can stagnate in good scores for a while, then meet sudden competition. Also, it requires regular site updates and content input. The SEO of your site will therefore require time on a regular basis, and cannot be left aside.

SEO takes time

 SEO requires mastering several aspects of the life of a site.

Another thing you need to know about SEO is that this discipline will require you to master several others. The natural referencing of a site does not only work on the content, or on the keywords. Indeed, there are several axes of SEO optimization, very different from each other. For example :

Getting backlinks…

Thus, it is not so easy to correctly develop the SEO of your website. It even becomes almost impossible for someone who only masters one of these areas. SEO experts are therefore versatile and competent professionals in the areas mentioned, and many more. They are also on the lookout for news and changes in terms of SEO. SEO expertise therefore represents a profession in its own right, as well as the corresponding contribution in skills.

Moreover, it is important to note that all the factors influencing the SEO of a site are not clear. Indeed, no search engine has provided professionals in the field with an exhaustive list of elements to optimize. So what is known about SEO today is the result of years of expert research and testing. New elements important for natural referencing can therefore be discovered each year.

SEO referencing is not just an internal work on the site!

You may have understood it thanks to the last areas of work mentioned, but SEO is not only internal! Indeed, we already differentiate internal SEO from Off-site SEO. When you create a website, you can therefore benefit from so-called “launch” SEO. This will ensure the On-page and technical optimization of each page of the site. Thereafter, one can opt for a referencing service intended to feed the site.

However, these methods have their limitations and will need to be supplemented. This is where Off-site SEO comes in with strategies to apply outside of your web pages. Several areas of work make up Off-site SEO:

The development of the company’s e-reputation, This includes for example the quote of the NAP, customer feedback…

The realization and the supply of the site are therefore not enough for its natural referencing. Strategies must be put in place to boost SEO and possibly complete it.

The difficulty of referencing a site differs according to its sector of activity!

In SEO, it is important to understand that some industries are more competitive than others. The difficulty of referencing a site lies in several factors, for example:

Thus, it can be much faster and easier to list certain companies. In particular, those with an uncompetitive sector, B2B companies, industries…

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