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When creating your website, you will need to choose a host . There are a multitude of them on the market and it is sometimes difficult to find your way among the offers. Discover our tips to help you see things more clearly.

Different types of web hosting

A web host is a company that has servers connected to the Internet, on which the data of one or more sites are stored. Its role is to allocate space (memory) and resources (a processor) to them 24/7. We are talking about web hosting. There are several, each with specific characteristics:

Shared hosting

Several sites are hosted on the same server and share space and resources, which can slow down their speed or reduce their capacities.

Dedicated hosting

This is the best performing and most secure type of hosting. Your site is the only one to be hosted on a server. So you manage your space as you wish.

“VPS” or “Virtual Private Server” hosting

VPS hosting gives you access to your own storage space and ensures good performance without going through a dedicated server. It is a hybrid solution.

cloud hosting

On the other hand, cloud hosting allows users to benefit from a virtual hosting solution on several servers connected to each other. Performance adapts in real time, providing significant flexibility and agility.

What are the criteria for choosing a host?

To opt for the appropriate accommodation, it is advisable to clearly define your needs beforehand and above all to base yourself on various criteria, including:

The resources allocated: amount of space, bandwidth, disk technology, number of e-mail accounts that can be created, etc.;

  • The location of the server  ;
  • The scalability of hosting;
  • The security provided by the host;
  • The quality/price ratio : it is better to avoid free or low-cost hosting for professional use;
  • The effectiveness of customer service  : the latter must be available and responsive;
  • The social and ecological impact .

Choice of host: pitfalls to avoid

When comparing different web hosts, you should also pay attention to different points. Remember to identify your needs beforehand, at the risk of choosing a web host that will not be able to meet them . For example, it is not recommended to choose free hosting for a professional site. Remember that accepting them is equivalent to signing a contract. Read it before validating anything to know the rights and duties of each party.

Forgetting to make regular backups would also be a mistake. Indeed, even if you opt for the best web host in the sector, you risk losing all of your site’s data if you do not make backups. So be careful on this point. Finally, not ensuring the quality of customer service could be harmful later. Do not hesitate to contact an advisor to request information, and to consult the opinions of Internet users.

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